Examining Where Institutional Investors Read News and Earnings Releases (Infographic)


With last week’s Question 3 of the 2017 Shareholder Communications 365 Study, we learned that 95% of institutional investors visit your investor relations website as part of their initial due diligence prior taking (or not taking) a position.

This clearly indicates, as stated in the IR magazine article – Investors visit IR websites for content, not data, finds survey – that the IR website is “…a de rigueur tool that investors expect to find.”

But what is the exact content institutional investors looking for? More to the point, where do they want to consume it?

Question 4:

Examining Where Institutional Investors Read News and Earnings Releases


Institutional investors live within their Bloomberg terminals et al. It’s where they receive their data and breaking news. Furthermore, it’s a taught and practiced Wall Street workflow that continually accelerates as more datasets and algorithms are introduced. To that point, like any corporate messaging (products, PR, IR) you need to target your earned media (earnings and news release) where your audience (investors) will easily receive it. Don’t make them hunt and click.

As a closing pro-IR website comment, one key function of an IR website is its role as your transparency library. An archive of your news releases (with search) is essential. Wall Street portals are real-time tools. Also, an IR website is a terrific owned media asset that double as a publisher of your earned media via email alerts. Nice lead generation, too!    tools for

PR Newswire hosts over 780 IR and PR websites for clients.

Read question 4. Question 5 coming soon.

About the Shareholder Communications 365 Study

Now in its fifth year, this exclusive study asks investors 30 tactical questions regarding how they consume your shareholder communications content. Beyond the IR website, we asked about earnings calls, annual reports, news releases and overall transparency. From these tactical answers, IR teams can sculpt their shareholder communications efforts and budget.

Since 2012, the study has evolved. Initially, it was predominantly retail investor-based. In 2016 we added a Wall Street v Main Street comparison (CLICK HERE). This year, per client discussions, we cut to the chase: 3,780 responses from 100% institutional investors.


About the Author: Bradley H. Smith, a self-confessed connoisseur of IR websites, is Director of Marketing and Shareholder Communications at PR Newswire / Cision. 

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