Examining the Power of a Good Story: What’s Your Company Narrative?




It can seem like reaching your audience — I mean really reaching them and truly engaging and connecting with them — is harder than slogging through tar on a cold day. You can’t be too self-promotional, or they’ll tune you out. Scaring them into buying your products doesn’t work (nor is it particularly nice). So what’s left?


Content marketing may change its tactics as audiences tire of the existing ones, but telling a good company narrative will never go out of style.

What the BLEEP is a Company Narrative?

A company narrative is not a mission statement nor is it an inventory of your products, services or accolades. It’s the story of why you got into business, and how you want to change the world.

Environmentally-safe household product company Seventh Generation’s mission statement makes for a great foundation for its story:

To inspire a consumer revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations.

Imagine the stories the brand can tell around that. It could tell us a story of how biodegradable products have actually shaped our environment for the better. Or share the story of an unfortunate child who knows only nontoxic products in her home.

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