Examining How the Women of Game of Thrones Can Inspire Your Content Strategy


Erienne Muldoon, PR Newswire

Game of Thrones embraces powerful leading ladies. From Little Bird to the Mother of Dragons, each week we are treated to stellar performances of complex characters by talented women. In a space that we expect to be dominated by men, these female figures hold their own and teach us valuable lessons: how to ride dragons, how to battle and even how to change fac—wait a minute, this isn’t Westeros!

While Game of Thrones is undeniably a high fantasy tale, fans connect with it on such a passionate level because apart from the beautiful scenery and mystical beings, the storytelling is spectacular. Themes of power, revenge, moral ambiguity, politics and identity have intrigued us for hundreds of years and will continue to capture our hearts for centuries to come.

However, the true takeaways are the lessons we learn about family, friendship and ourselves. As the women of Game of Thrones continue to inspire us week after week, they can also give us guidance on everything from career moves to that creative spark we didn’t know our marketing campaign was missing.

Below are 5 Game of Thrones women that can help articulate 5 crucial pillars of your content strategy.

Arya Stark: Define Your Goals


Fiercely self-aware and independent, Arya Stark knows who she is and what she wants. After establishing her infamous “Kill List” early on in the series, her path to becoming an effective assassin instead of a Lady was all but set in stone. From then on, every decision she made was ultimately informed by this goal. Despite not being in an official leadership role, her work ethic, laser focus and aptitude for learning enable her to do anything she puts her mind to.

Arya exemplifies why it’s important to outline your objectives before diving into creating or disseminating content. If you don’t have an end game in mind, how will you determine what actions to take or know how to measure success? Think about what your brand wants to achieve. For example, brand awareness might be a top priority for a new company, whereas a more established e-commerce company will be looking to grow sales. These two paths will look very different from a content strategy perspective, so be sure to identify the destination before starting the journey.

Cersei Lannister: Know Your Landscape

Cersei window.gif

In order to survive in King’s Landing and deftly wield the amount of power that she has, Cersei must be acutely aware of her enemies, allies, resources and the hearts of the people she rules. As a complex character operating in a chaotic world, there may be no one better suited to understand the nuances of control. Cersei’s keen ability to anticipate the moves of everyone in the game around her makes her a formidable opponent — and makes it easier for her to bounce back from missteps.

While you probably don’t want to emulate all of Cersei’s qualities, matching her in the knowledge of your business, industry and competitors would be admirable. To succeed in a particular space, whether it’s crowded or a new category, you have to understand it. Listen to your customers, competitors, and peers. What does your target audience look like? Who are the people that influence them? When you know who your audience is and what kind of actions you want them to take, you’ll know what kind of content will resonate with them. When something doesn’t work, you’ll have a plan B.

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