Evins Communications Rebrands And Launches Innovative Evins PR+ Paradigm


Evins PR+

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Evins Communications (“Evins”), a distinguished, award-winning marketing communications and public relations firm unveiled Evins PR+, a new business-focused public relations model which is the centerpiece of the Agency’s rebranding and repositioning. Evins PR+ provides a competitive advantage for clients by using insight-driven marketing communications strategies focused on achieving tangible and measurable business goals. Making a consequential impact for clients by transforming market data and intelligence into actionable insights and strategic programming represents  Evins’ vision of the future of public relations.  Evins PR+ encompasses  a full range of integrated services within the Agency’s specialized practice areas: Brand Essence & Content Strategy, Food, Wine & Spirits, Health & Wellness, Luxe Living, and Travel & Hospitality. The announcement was made jointly by Mathew L. Evins, Chairman, and Louise Evins, CEO.

Building on the Agency’s legacy of work with prominent iconic brands as well as industry innovators and disruptive start-ups, Evins PR+ encompasses the Agency’s renowned business acumen with its brand essence and content strategies, to develop relevancy-building, engaging and resonant communications programs that transcend and go far beyond traditional public relations. Highlighted by a dynamic new website and compelling visual assets, Evins PR+ epitomizes the purposeful shift towards bringing the experience and expertise of the Agency together with the personalities and passion of its teams. Redesigned from the ground up, Evins’ new branding features bright, bold imagery reflective of the culture and ideals that the Agency is known for, and the diversity and commitment to positive evolution to which it is committed. Since its founding, Evins has developed and implemented innovative strategies and tactics based upon the philosophy of subliminal seeded organic self-discovery, which is the antitheses of traditional public relations and reflects the many channels of business, communication and influence the Agency leverages for its clients.

“The Evins PR+ rebranding and repositioning champions and more compellingly illustrates our philosophy and the work that we do for our clients, as well as the Agency’s decades of experience, core values and our vision of the future of public relations,” said Mr. Evins.  “Our commitment to evolution, innovation and consequential results has been a mainstay for the last 35 years, but by embracing advances in analytics, culture, psychographics and technology we’ve been able to consistently provide clients with creative and impactful, results driven marketing communications strategies and tactics.”

Accompanying the rebrand and website is the launch of a library of new content, including podcasts, video interviews and thought leadership insights from Evins’ senior management. The Agency’s social media platforms and newsletter have also been redesigned, both in terms of aesthetics and content, to reflect the Evins PR+ branding and positioning. Evins PR+ also encompasses a new approach to measuring and merchandising what the Agency does for its clients in order to better quantify and qualify business consequence and impact. Developed using streamlined metrics, in-depth data and comprehensive analytics, the redefined reporting methodology enumerates and illustrates the correlation between initiative and impact. As a result, the Agency can better demonstrate consequence, efficacy and ROI for its clients, as well as provide in-depth, actionable insights.

Mrs. Evins added, “Over the last 35 years, our clients have come to know and appreciate what we stand for, what we do and what they can expect, which is why we have been able to build long-term client relationships, with an average of more than eight years and with several in excess of 25 years. But as we embark upon the next chapter in our storied legacy, we decided the time had come to put the Agency through the same process we utilize for our clients. We empowered our leadership team and account professionals, as well as brought in the best external specialist partners, to re-envision and redefine our brand and our positioning, our relevance and differentiation. We couldn’t be more excited with the outcome.”

Evins tapped renowned New York City-based creative agency BrandFire to lead the brand redesign and creative process. With a strategic branding pedigree, immense advertising expertise and acclaim for original creative content, BrandFire’s work has contributed to the growth and success of recognizable brands such as David Goggins, Jägermeister, JOAH, ScreenShop and TB12.

For more information, please visit www.evins.com.