Ep. 15– CryptoCharacters with Jason Nagi


Daniel Dewar- Co Founder at Paperchain- Music, Money, Media

The music business is a messy one.  Enter Daniel Dewar and the folks at Paperchain, who are now enabling faster payments for the digital media industry with analytics data.   With a blend of business smarts and the help of technology Paperchain has figured out how to sweep away some of the music and media mess.  On this most excellent podcast, Dan talks about how he developed an idea from seedling to sapling in Paperchain, found partners to collaborate with from across the world, engaged with people throughout the industry to learn what things needed to be fixed, and built a company that uses data to support advances to artists based on streaming revenue.  A must listen for anyone is who looking to innovate, or wants to learn about the revenue model, monetization, data and digital media.