Environmentally-Friendly NFT Artist Collective Launched


CommPRO Editorial Staff

TestaMint, an invite-only NFT artist collective, marketplace, and platform for artists by artists has announced its launch. As the digital art world continues to flourish, TestaMint is creating a whole new dimension in the space by launching one of the first-ever NFT artist collectives that gives world-renowned talent the chance to showcase their creativity while taking their artwork to new depths.

Powered by patent-pending technology, TestaMint is an exclusive invite-only network focused on bringing integrity and emotional connection back into the digital world. Offering a streamlined and user-friendly marketplace where artists are invited to effectively buy, sell, and promote their art, the turn-key platform gives artists access to unique tools and templates that allow them to incorporate unlockable experiences and digital layers into their original pieces. Unlike other major NFT companies, TestaMint is written on top of EOS, an environmentally responsible blockchain, making it 66,000 times more eco-friendly than Bitcoin and 17,000 times more eco-friendly than Ethereum.”I look forward to rewriting the NFT narrative by injecting eco-friendly, creative, and innovative strategies into an industry that has limitless growth potential.” says Frank Agnone, CEO of TestaMint.

TestaMint was created by artists and exists for artists and the company is on a mission to prioritize the creative control of creators, facilitate high-quality releases, and maintain the eco-friendliness on which their platform operates. NFTs have generated over $1 billion in 2021 alone, TestaMint is dedicated to giving the power back to the artists and helping them push the boundaries of NFT innovation and capabilities. NFTs will resuscitate not only the media sector but also serve as a medium in which all industries will modernize, says Jaron Hinds President and CTO of TestaMint.

Source: Blockchain Wire