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Email Marketing

Olivia Perez

An email marketing campaign is used for making a business more successful these days. It is a series of emails which is used by several business firms in order to communicate with their current as well as prospective customers. Email campaigns are used by businesses to convince the customers in such a way that they engage their selves with the company. The email marketing campaign has also become an essential part of marketing day by day. In order to make the concept of email marketing campaign crystal clear, below is mentioned a list of some effective email examples which will definitely inspire your marketing campaigns. let’s have a look at some of the most effective email marketing campaigns.

1) PayPal

There are several things people like about this email example from PayPal. The entire concept of email marketing camping of PayPal is clever and concise as it reflects unapproachable advantage of using the service. For instance, you might be stuck in a situation when you went out to dine with friends and family and then first over the bill when you actually have to pay it. Because of the benefit this marketing campaign offer to its customers, it has always succeeded in picking the interest of its audience.

2) Uber

The email marketing campaign of Uber is very simple yet effective. The audience is attracted because of their straightforwardness used by Uber in their newsletters. the text used in their email marketing campaign is highly brief with a clear and concise CTA that is generally conceded perfect buy those subscribers who don’t have much time in just skim the text if it’s too long. Moreover, for those who wish to get more information can click on the link to know things in detail. In addition, over always try to send differentiated promotions and offer a map of your ride along with a map telling everything about your journey in detail.

3) BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is also considered as a cool email marketing campaign these days. In this, you get an opportunity to know about the best and the cutest stories about cats every Friday. These newsletters generally carry several links and amazing pictures of cats. In addition, there is a Dumb Cat always available for offering you and advise and maybe you receive the answer to your question in the following mail. the subscribers generally in love the answer is given by the Dumb Cat.

4) Headspace

Headspace is also a lovely guided meditation application. The picture sent in the emails to the subscribers are just out of the world. Recently, there was a picture of a cute cake that can attract the audience making them do anything you ask. The overall structure of the newsletter is impressive photos who don’t have much time to scroll down a lengthy email. Consequently, it is simple and brief.

5) Starbucks

Starbucks always tries to give their customers in a good reason to engage them with their emails. This can give you an idea of how attractive yet concise email marketing campaign is used by Starbucks. The company knows very well how it needs to make the target audience by the products it offers.

6) Litmus

This is again a good example of the marketing campaign. the company is using an animation technique to create an interesting email marketing design. They are not using static text, rather they use some motions in the text in order to make the email look I catching and encourages the customers to take a proper look at the whole of the content.

7) Amazon Local

The email sent by Amazon local to their subscribers is brief and sweet with only one CTA which is simply a click through the email in order to tell Amazon what the customers like and dislike. Because of this reason, whatever deal they send to the customers can be more in line with what the customers actually desire. with this command, customers feel connected and they give their feedback telling what they like or dislike about the email.

8) ModCloth

There were several companies who know the technique of attracting their customers through the newsletters and emails and ModCloth is one of the company. Remember, every customer needs to experience change, so evolving is always a good option for the companies benefits. The email from ModCloth tries to serve their customers weather best possible refreshing changes.


In actual, there are different amazing email marketing campaign examples that considering all in one article is not possible. All these amazing email marketing campaigns can help you fuel your business. You can take help from the newsletters of all of the above-mentioned applications in order to run your business effectively and on profit in a short span of time.

About the Author: Olivia Perez is a freelance content writer. She has written many informative articles on multiple categories such as technology, digital marketing, social media, etc. She is very hard working towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience on email marketing with other people. You can check her email marketing campaign

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