Earnings Tips from the Bloomberg Newsroom



Earnings season can be a hectic and stressful time.

Pulling together the numbers, drafting the release, obtaining approvals, triple-checking data, scheduling the release, and monitoring pickup.

And that’s just on the company side of the equation.

On the other side, financial reporters are digging into page after page of statements, analyzing the numbers, and reporting on company results – all under a very tight deadline.

Last week, I took a group of PR Newswire clients to the Bloomberg News headquarters in New York, where Managing Editor Sonali Pathirana and her spot news team gave a detailed overview of their editorial operation and how they use PR Newswire.

The editors there never take their eyes off of PR Newswire: It’s monitored 24/7 by a team of US and UK editors. Moreover, company announcements of interest are read in their entirety, no matter the length of the press release.

Burying bad news rarely, if ever, works.

One editor recalled how an internet company issued a seemingly “good news” release about a new product, only to mention layoffs several pages down. In this case, Bloomberg caught what it considered the real news in the release, an editor said.

The Scoop on Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s busiest news days typically are Tuesday through Thursday; Mondays and Fridays are the slowest. Major announcements issued after-market hours still will get picked up, but there may be limited story development due to lighter staff during off-peak hours.


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