Earned Media Matters: 6 Ways Brand Mentions Pay Off For Marketers


Earned Media Matters

Earned media – or a mention of your brand by journalists, influencers and other third-party sources – has long been considered a goal for PR professionals only. It’s traditionally looked at as something to strive for when announcing personnel changes, product launches and other company news.

However, earned media is also a wise (I’d even say, essential) pursuit for marketers who want their content to reach new audiences and boost conversion rates.

According to the white paper, How to Drive Maximum Returns on Content Marketing with Effective Distribution, earned media is 80% more effective than owned media (i.e., branded content) at the bottom-of-the-funnel or purchase consideration stage, 80% more effective at the middle-of-the-funnel or affinity stage, and 38% more effective at the top-of-the-funnel or familiarity stage.

But how can a simple media mention do all of this? Here are 6 ways that earned media will help you reach your content marketing goals.

Drive online visibility

Whether you’re looking for the massive scope of influence that’s offered by mainstream media or the more targeted relevance of niche publications, getting linked to in a pertinent online publication can result in a major lift in traffic. Even without a link, a media mention can put your name in front of audiences in ways that owned channels can’t.

It comes down to simple math: The more times your brand is mentioned, the more visible you become. Name recognition builds as audiences are repeatedly exposed to your brand and content in meaningful ways.

Although third-party mentions can go a long way toward increasing visibility, keep in mind that quality trumps quantity here.

Earned media from a reputable source your audience trusts is going to have the biggest impact.

Expand social media presence

Social media is how the world stays connected, and as such, social sites and platforms are important places for your brand to be if you want to engage with customers.

A strong social presence can connect you to influencers, potential prospects and quality leads.

In the same way that recognition from news organizations, niche publications or blogs can increase your online visibility, social mentions, retweets and likes help develop your brand’s social visibility.

Social mentions, likes and views are added exposure for a brand, and are a great way to connect with vast audiences—some of whom are potential future customers.


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