Driving Awareness with Social Marketing


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Although social media and digital PR , in some form or another, has been around for several decades now, it was with the launch of Facebook that brands really started paying attention to its great marketing potential. Back in the day, branding was solely focused on broadcast ads, print media, and newsletters, but with the prevalence of social media platforms, companies found a new way to connect with their consumers. 

However, brand consistency across different media is already a challenge for many companies, and tracking everything across different social media platforms becomes even more difficult when they operate on different base rules and audiences. Fortunately, there are certain ways that companies can differentiate how they communicate with their target audiences and that the consumers recognize the brand even when it’s their first time coming across branded content on social media platforms. 

Know the Basics to Soar with Social Media MarketingBy utilizing these strategies, companies can have an easier time driving brand awareness on social media platforms which greatly benefits marketing strategies and overall business growth. 

The basic company branding elements are the logo, color palette, short bio, and social media handle. Although some businesses prefer to change the styling of their logo according to the platform, depending on the space that the platform provides and the interests of the target audience, it’s still important that companies have a common signifier that people will recognize as the brand’s defining signature. 

Once a company has all of these basics down, it’s time to move to more complex strategies such as analyzing and updating that branding, because audiences are always looking for fresh new content. 

After creating consistent branding across social media networks, it’s time for companies to hone in on the details and truly enhance the branding by using the same colors and fonts across all messaging and content. This means the same fonts and colors should be used in videos, graphics, and images, so whenever someone visits the company’s social media profile, they’re already familiar with what the brand is. 

With time, the consumers are going to take note of the consistency in these details and will start to recognize when a certain post is from the business, without having to check the company logo or handle. And this is the type of brand recognition and awareness that companies should be striving to achieve with their social marketing efforts. 

After establishing a familiar visual presence, companies should then focus on all captions and copy, to make sure they fit the tone and voice that’s used across all channels. It’s becoming increasingly popular for company social media accounts to have some sort of personality, which is established through the content and the brand voice. 

The voice and tone of a company should also include things like the company’s catchphrases, vocabulary, and brand persona because even the smallest of details are extremely effective with connecting with the target audience and having the consumers understand who they’re interacting with.

Google Responds to Employee Protest - Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5wpr, a leading PR agency.