Don’t Let These 4 Obstacles Undermine Your Communications Audit

Don’t let these 4 obstacles undermine your comms audit


It’s an ideal time to assess the state of your communications. Here are some arguments to overcome common excuses to avoid investing in the process.

Katrina Gill, Ragan Consulting Group

Do you know the current state of your communications?

Many organizations are long overdue for a comprehensive assessment, given the unprecedented disruptions of the global pandemic, its economic impact and current social unrest around racial equality and inclusion.

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But let’s face it: Things can get in your way, especially these days. Here are the four most common obstacles we hear about from our customers:

1. “Measurement tools and audits are expensive. I’ll never get it approved.”

Here’s a twist on the old adage: You have to spend money to save money.

Communications audits help you focus your strategy on communications that are most effective so you can stop wasting money on those that aren’t. Audits help those decisions be data-driven and fact-based.

Your leaders, who make business decisions based on metrics, understand that. They want to see a return on their investment. Show them how more effective and efficient communications delivers big-time savings in budget and productivity.

What organization doesn’t want that?

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