#6 MOST-READ REPORT in 2017: Does Fake News Impact Your PR & Communications?


Does Fake News Impact Your PR & Comms - Download your free reportWelcome to the world of fake news. This world is not simply a world where reporting inaccuracies occur periodically, or an editor fails to catch a mistake. This world has a purpose. Within the last 12 months the communicators and journalists we all rely on to help drive message points for public relations have faced a paradigm shift. This shift involves purpose driven campaigns of fake news; news that has been crafted to mislead or falsely report.

For the public relations professional, or corporate communicator, this additional layer of potential news can at least obscure their messages, and at worst trigger a PR crisis of the greatest magnitude. Arguably, it could mean the difference in a presidential election, or misdirect funds needed for disaster relief. Fake news is potentially a new form of journalism, not one of error or omission, but rather professionally crafted messages… messages that are have a nefarious purpose.

So how will you manage your public relations efforts in the world of fake news? How will you reliably measure the impact of your paid, earned, shared, or owned messages in a world where fake news may obscure your communication outcomes? These are the issues my team has addressed in this white paper. Clearly, we can’t cover all the issues that could impact your PR campaign, but this paper will hopefully get you started down a path of planned management in the world of fake news.

In the end, I want to extend my company to you as a resource for monitoring and measuring your PR efforts in the world of fake news. Whether you are a client, or ever become a client, doesn’t impact our availability to answer your questions. We are happy to help in any way we can, even if that is to simply hear what your concerns are.

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