Do You Know Your $DigitalName? You Will Soon.


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In 2019, consumers checked their digital wallet apps over one trillion times, according to research. And the numbers are, you guessed it, increasing.

Because so much of the banking and finance industries is now centralized in digital wallets, the natural transition to blockchain technology will be a smooth one.

For many new users diving into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, it can be difficult to navigate how to easily transfer and receive money from digital eWallets. Because of these complicated steps, which often prompt the fear of wrong inputs and losing transaction value, this greatly suppresses the power of what blockchain technology can do for the better.

Digital Names simplifies the process of transactions by minimizing human error. It helps with the remembering, data entry, and overall everyday usage of digital wallets for cryptocurrency payments/receipts through one’s Digital Wallet. Digital Names is built on Total Network Service’s (TNS) global decentralized network. TNS Blockchain is an active W3C community project.

Digital Names is fundamentally reinventing the way we make digital financial transactions. Developed by the “Godfather of FinTech,” Thomas Carter, and internet database network guru, Frank Corsi, Digital Names has created a digital payment method that enables users to make their own “digital name” comparable to having a personal “dot com” address. This allows users to simply make transactions across 235 blockchains using a single ID, their digital name, saving significant time and tedious mental energy. As many are familiar with using payment platforms like Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, and more, Digital Names offers users the ability to utilize a single ID to send and receive money for transactions, retail, cryptocurrency, and much more.

The technology is woven into the deep security backing behind large blockchain networks. As Corsi developed high-level domain protocols during his previous career, he’s spearheaded Digital Names’ platform to offer world-class digital finance security and protection.

As a blockchain-based Internet looms closely in the future, Digital Names is perfectly poised to thrive in the “new normal.” George Gilder, the mind who predicted the “dot com” boom, states, “Blockchain is the future… it will usher in a world beyond Google.”

Source: Blockchain Wire

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