Digital PR Challenges in 2016


As we begin 2016, brands are making plans for how they’ll spend their budget.  The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs released two reports that show the state of mind of BtoC and Bto B marketers and what keeps them up at night.

B2B content 2016

BtoB challenges 2016B2C Priorities 2016BtoC CMI challenges 2016It’s clear that knowing what content to create, what your audience will respond to and how to measure results are the most important factors.  And it should also be crystal clear that anyone with these skills will be in demand in 2016.

Top Digital PR Skills for 2016

  • Understanding your audience
  • Identifying content opportunities
  • Creating engaging content
  • Visual literacy
  • Visual storytelling
  • Measuring effectiveness

If you’ve not yet mastered these skills the free 15 Digital Skills email course is a good place to start.


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