Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

The landscape of digital marketing is changing practically every single day. There are new technologies and tools being introduced constantly, which means that keeping up with everything is no easy task. That’s why today we’ll be discussing some of the terms in digital marketing that everyone should know about, and that they’re most likely to run into. 


The first one on the list is SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing. With the ever-growing use of social media these days, marketing to an audience right where they are is the main goal here. This is the process of getting attention and traffic by using social media platforms. The best advantage of social media marketing is the fact that it gives companies a direct line to both the current and prospective customers. 


This term stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the process of tweaking the marketing strategy in a way that, when potential customers search for something specific that a brand is selling, that particular brand is one of the top results. Being one of the top results is the key element here, because most people don’t really want to spend a lot of their time trying to figure out what they’re looking for, and tend to stick to the first few websites that Google picks for them in a search.

Social Media Diversification 

This term means that the brand isn’t focusing its marketing strategies on a single social media platform. Instead of just targeting an audience on Instagram, it’s also taking advantage of the audience that a creator has on YouTube, for example.

Video Marketing 

With the mention of video creators comes the video marketing aspect of digital marketing. Whether a brand starts making its own videos and publishes them on a social media platform, or it decides to work with an online video creator, these days, video marketing seems to be the future of digital marketing. It’s a great way to tell a story and to convey an idea that’s a lot stronger than using just text.

Email Marketing 

Just a few years ago, email marketing was the most effective way that a company could keep in touch with its customers. It used to be very cost-effective and enhanced the loyalty a customer felt toward a brand.  These days, the best way to market via emails is to focus on professional and clear emails that don’t carry a lot of fluff content to them. If there’s a sale going on, they clearly state it. If there’s something new going on, they say that, or customers’ attention will quickly shift to something else. 

All in all, in a time when everyone seems to try their best to stay connected to each other using their smartphones, a great way to build a business is to build around that. This is why digital marketing is bigger than ever.

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading Public Relations agency.