Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Digital Marketing Mistakes to AvoidRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

A strong digital marketing strategy is bound to be a success. But how strong the strategy really is can be assessed by how often it is edited and updated. When the customers are looking at a brand these days, they’re most often looking for the digital presence of the brand. And an effective digital marketing strategy means that when they ask questions, they will get answers. 

However, everyone makes mistakes. So it’s easy to make a misstep when it comes to a digital marketing strategy. The important factor here is to learn from that mistake so that the entire thing won’t happen again, which is why we’re here to help in avoiding those mistakes in the first place. 

Skipping Out on Social Media

Any brand that doesn’t have a social media presence these days is non-existent. There’s no excusable reason why a company shouldn’t be on any social media platform. It’s a great way for the brand to interact with an audience, to attract influencers and an inexpensive way to market the products or services. 

Not Tracking ROI

Using social media platforms is a free way to promote the company until paid advertisements are set up. Aside from those advertisements, brand promotions can happen in plenty of other ways. But it’s important to track each and every one of them, and then compare that expense with the return that they are bringing to the company. And not just the financial aspect of the returns – all aspects of the campaigns have to be tracked carefully. 

Unclear Goals

Another common mistake with effective digital marketing strategies is not having precise goals for the campaigns. Before the marketing campaign has even started, it’s important to establish the goals for the analytical aspect of the entire ordeal. Define all of the goals for the campaign, in terms of keyword searches, traffic, leads, conversions and much more. 

Wrong Targets

Targeting everyone under the sun with each and every marketing campaign is fairly pointless. It doesn’t get the desired results;all it does is make people wonder why they’re getting a targeted ad for something in which they have absolutely no interest. Promoting to the right and narrow audience group at the right time is going to end with the best results for any digital marketing campaign. 

Slow and Unoptimized Websites

As entrepreneur Hamed Wardak noted, Having a slow website is bad news for any company. The same thing goes for any company websites that are not optimized for mobile customers whose numbers are steadily skyrocketing. Since everyone these days seems to have a smartphone in their pocket, which equates to a small supercomputer, to disappoint those people is, at the very least, bad for business. 

But then say that the website has been optimized for mobile users. Unfortunately, it seems to have a slow loading time both for mobile and desktop users. People are impatient, and the only thing they do with a slow website is leave it. 

Every detail and every second counts – so don’t waste anything by making these mistakes.