Google Digital Coaching Workshop for Communications Professionals (Free Live Event: NYC)


Google Digital Coaching Workshop for Communications Professionals (Live, Free Event: NYC)

Helping businesses like yours succeed online

Google believes in bringing the benefits of technology to all people and foster a world that thrives on broad range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Their Digital Coaches program is designed to provide equal opportunity for all business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive online.

Google has identified community leaders that are passionate about creating economic opportunities for businesses currently underrepresented on the web and in Google’s customer base. The coaches themselves are respected entrepreneurs, small business owners and influential community leaders who understand the unique needs of your business.

As a business owner, you will receive guidance on improving your web presence, learn how to reach new customers online and grow your business using Google’s online advertising platform aka Google AdWords.

  • Attendees should own or run a business with an active website or be engaged in the digital part of the business.
  • Attendees will receive $100.00 in Google Ad coupons
  • A light lunch will be served
  • Free, free, free!

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