Defining What Corporate Communications Means In 2020


Defining What Corporate Communications Means In 2020


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

When it comes to building a brand, sharing the right information and messages is crucial. It’s not only important for the brand’s image, but also for making sure that the entire organization is connected within, trying to achieve a unified goal. The new decade arrived with a chaotic start, however, no matter what is happening in the world, corporate communications and communications trends, in general, will always be evolving, which is why the best professionals are good at keeping up with them, and in some cases, even predicting them. 

Additionally, during uncertain times as the ones we’re going through right now, corporate communications, as well as public relations, are practically more important than ever. For the new decade, many experts were predicting that the trending topics of the year, and even the decade, were going to be cyber breaches, enterprise risk management revisions due to global events and other big topics. 

However, with more young people entering the market, we’ve been seeing an increase in demand for authenticity, personalization along with collaboration.


The world is grappling with fake news, especially during this time when everyone’s attention span seems to be shorter than ever. Thankfully, plenty of people are very skeptical of the content that they come across online and have started to question the motives of each person that makes a statement. This is why it’s important for corporate communications to be authentic and transparent, whether the organization is communicating with an external audience or an internal one. Being accountable is the key to building as well as maintaining trust. We’ve seen many corporations fail after getting a reputation of being dishonest, which is difficult to overcome, and it’s also harmful for the internal organization of a brand.

Personalization through Data

The online world is a very crowded place, and it’s too easy for a brand’s message to get lost in all of the noise. That’s why it’s important to have useful data-gathering and analytics tools that are reliable. With enough data, it’s easier for organizations to know the right way to personalize adverts and match customer’s profiles to those advertisements.


With each passing day, we’re seeing that people all over the globe can work on a single project or within a single organization. There’s no need for teams to be in the same location to be able to work together, thanks to the way that humans have started to communicate with each other. 

Additionally, with an increase in the number of young people entering the workforce, the traditional forms of communications are all being replaced with different technologies, which means if organizations want to hire the newest generation of workers, they need to accommodate them accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is going to be a defining characteristic of corporate communications in 2020, because it is going to be growing at an even faster rate. Since everything is about the customers, who expect to receive relevant content with fast response time, the only thing that can meet that demand is AI.

Ronn Torossian - CEO - 5WPRAbout the Author: 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian is proud of his agencies work in corporate communications.

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