DeFi Token $CUEX Launched on Starter

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Multi-chain community-driven launchpad Starter that supports interoperability of Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launches on seven blockchains, has announced it will host the launch of $CUEX, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token of CUE, a community driven protocol on September 10, 2021. CUEX is a taxed token (10 percent on buy and sell) in the CUE ecosystem that features an automatic market maker, providing liquidity to CUEX and CUE tokens via the tax. In addition, it rewards the holders with both CUEX and CUE tokens through automated staking and buyback.

Starter will oversee the trading and staking of $CUEX and support their goal to change the DeFi industry. The launchpad will hold the first CUEX IDO at an exclusive rate of 1 BNB = 8,333,333 CUEX and with only 400 BNB available.

“CUEX operates under the CUE Protocol team and is CUE protocol’s entry into the DeFi world. CUEX will have staking pools for its own ecosystem (CUE/CUEX) and CUEX will also enable other projects to launch staking pool’s on this new DeFi platform”, said Petros Anagnostou, Co-Founder and CMO of CUE Protocol. “It’s unique tokenomics provide the whole CUE ecosystem with benefits such as liquidity generation and buy backs which benefit both CUE and CUEX holders.”

The Starter sale is the first of two IDO’s for the Cue Protocol. 287 BNB was raised during a private sale concurrently with the Starter IDO price (1 BNB = 8,333,333 CUEX). This sale was solely offered to CUE holders holding a minimum of 3 CUE.

The next IDO will be run by CUE Protocol itself, with a 2,000 BNB hard cap and followed by a 1 BNB = 1 BNB = 7,500,000 CUEX for the second IDO.

CUEX is another of Starter’s highly sought after IDOs, handpicked by the Starter team and presented to the Starter community. Starter has successfully launched various blockchain projects including Cake Monster (MONSTA), Wall Street Bets (WSB), WISE Token (WISE), FOMO Labs (FOMO) and Bakery Tools (TBAKE), with some selling out in the first seconds or minutes.

Source: Blockchain Wire