DeFi Mutual Fund Sheesha Finance Launches New Website and Social Channels for DeFi Investors


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Sheesha Finance, a decentralized cryptocurrency mutual fund for DeFi investors to easily access a variety of projects, has announced the launch of its new website and social media channels.

The new platforms will keep users informed about latest news and developments within Sheesha Finance and across the DeFi space. Similar to a DeFi mutual fund, Sheesha Finance is a one-stop-shop for investors of all levels to access DeFi projects, helping to solve locked cryptocurrency accessibility issues common in DeFi. Using a staking mechanism called Liquidity Generation Events (LGEs), Sheesha creates easily convertible assets that can be freely utilized to maximize participant rewards while gaining exposure to existing and upcoming DeFi projects.

The primary goal of the launch was to create a more valuable, user-centric, and responsive design across all platforms and devices. More specifically, the Sheesha Finance team wanted to make it easier for its community members to learn and locate helpful information about its network and partners.

Sheesha Finance plans to foster improved communication by consistently updating their channels with helpful information and updates. Sheesha Finance asks all users to discontinue using the old website and social media accounts.

Sheesha recently announced a total of $9.44 million raised via its innovative initial token distribution mechanism known as a Liquidity Generation Event (LGE). It allows users to use Liquidity Provision (LP) tokens to stake native platform tokens (SHEESHA) as well as access other DeFi projects.

Source: Blockchain Wire