Dear Wonderful Client, Will You Marry Me? I’ll Do Your PR?


Thomas J. Madden, Chairman and CEO, Transmedia Group

Don’t just propose in your PR proposals.  Show off what a prolific publicist you are.

Sure, you want clients to marry you, sign your contract, retain your services for better or worse until cancellation do you part.

But much better than saying how great you are and how much you want to have and to hold them is to show them what you’re made of.

In the first line of your proposal demonstrate for them how creative you are, exemplify what a productive spouse and partner you’d make.

Start off with a juicy slogan, a catchy phrase, a bold strategy.  Hit them right between the eyes with a PR plan with sizzle and makes sense.

The other day I fired off a proposal to a company called Basanite that manufactures a rebar that won’t rust.  The proposal started with this slogan followed by connecting it to COVID-19:

‘Basanite Makes InfrastructureSense.’

While currently our country is battling the Coronavirus, soon as that battle is won, another will start, which is rebuilding and repairing America’s infrastructure, its bridges, tunnels and buildings.

This time, however, it will need an infrastructure that will last. And today there’s a vaccine for infrastructure called BasaFlex , manufactured by Basanite Industries.

It’s equivalent to an industrial vaccine in the form of an enhanced Basalt Rebar that only Basanite Industries can provide, which adds intrinsic value in a concrete structure and is as a sustainable noncorrosive alternative to conventional steel reinforcement.


TransMediaGroup is a think tank when it comes to exposures and relationships for our clients!  And already we’ve reserved for you the domain   And on our proposal went showing off what we’re so good at!

Next, a marriage proposal to another client, a naturopathic physician, Dr. Jenny which started with the agency roster we planned to send out on PR Newswire if she hired us.  She did!  And out this went next day!

Dr. Jenny Wilkins, A Newsmaker In The Naturopathic Medical World, Retains TransMedia Group As Her PR Doctor To Operate On Creating Even More Media Exposure For Her


TransMedia Group 

May 05, 2020, 13:25 ET


BOCA RATON, Fla., May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group to prescribe heavy doses of media for its new naturopathic newsmaker client, DrJenny Wilkins.

The Sarasota, FL-based naturopathic Doctor, clinical research associate and author is also CEO and proprietor of the noted health and wellness family pharmacy, ageVital, providing consulting to the community on achieving optimum health for all ages.

“I’m excited to have TransMedia Group as my ‘PR DOC’ who’ll lead public relations efforts on my behalf as well as for ageVital as their storied PR history continuously makes news waves nationwide,” said DrJenny Wilkins.

“It’s especially important now with so many people sheltering at home and looking to medical professionals for their expert advice during this pandemic.”

“Our campaign will illustrate Dr. Jenny’s commitment and passion in providing the best wellness solutions in naturopathic medicine,” said TransMedia President Adrienne Mazzone, who is also  managing editor of Dietary Supplement News. “Many are increasingly tuned in to what’s going on in wellness and we’re pleased to position Dr. Jenny as a thought leader.

“As Dr. Jenny is so effervescent on camera and articulate in talking about naturopathic remedies, TransMedia will heighten her prominence on local and national media outlets as an expert health and medical news source focused on naturopathic medicine, anti-aging, weight loss and other areas,” said Mazzone.

“We’re certain media, including regional publications, will be interested in doing profiles on her as a woman entrepreneur spanning the print, online, TV and radio categories as her perspectives have been regularly featured on ABCNBC, the CW and many others,” said TransMedia CEO and former top network television executive Tom Madden.

“As her passion and charismatic persona will appeal to media, we’re pleased to convey that passionate expertise to top media as we’re accustomed to doing,” he said.  The award-winning firm will put forward her availability for upcoming speaking opportunities as well.

“It’s a perfect time to publicize her expertise and position her as a leading female health professional and entrepreneur,” said Madden. “More people are looking to health professionals for advice given the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everyone.”

For more information on ageVital, follow the link here and on Facebook. Follow Dr. Jenny Wilkins on Facebook and  Instagram.

Contact: Dilara Tuncer l 941.549.3571 l




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