David Steinberg Of Zeta Global On Effective Leadership


David Steinberg Of Zeta Global On Effective Leadership

Being a good leader is a key element of success, whether we’re talking about leading a nation, an organization or a company. And when it comes to business, good and effective leadership is what can make or break a company.  Real leaders aren’t simply transforming the company they’re working with, or the industry itself – they are transforming the entire communities that have surrounded them.

Leading by Example 

In order to be an effective leader, one must always lead by example. Finding the values of the brand, as well as the values of the audience, and then, finding where the two converge, is one way to do this. Instead of going down the tried and tested methods, or trying to figure out “what the people want” through more experiments, try being an effective listener.

Complex Communication along with Rhetorical Skills 

Having excellent communication skills is practically a given for leaders. However, there is quite a depth and complexity to those communication skills. And those involve the basic technical skill when it comes to communication; the relational skills that help companies showcase interpersonal relationships; strategic skills – when planning the campaigns; and political skills for persuasion and rhetoric.

Passion for the Work 

Having a passion for your job, no matter what field you may be working in, is a key element in inspiring others to do something they love doing. Demonstrating that passion is the core of effective as well as great leadership. Top PR leaders are always fully engaged, not only in the challenges that come with the role, but with the community that surrounds it.

Strong Ethical Beliefs 

Having a strong set of values that you truly believe in, such as always doing the right thing and always maintaining a degree of professionalism, is what sets effective leaders apart from the rest. Having sensible ethical beliefs encompass all of the aspects of a job, or a company, and are often critical to the image of the organization or even the job itself. Putting an emphasis on strong values as well as trustworthiness is what defines a leader. 

Desire to Lead 

As Shakespeare once wisely stated, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” The same thing goes with the desire as well as the ability to lead.  Some people can have an incredible desire, but when it comes to actually realizing it, and becoming an effective leader, they fail. But some can achieve it through their desire for leadership alone; then they can keep it by continuing to practice these effective elements into new fields.

David Steinberg Of Zeta Global On Effective LeadershipAbout the Author: David A. Steinberg is CEO of Zeta Global.

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