David Steinberg, CEO Zeta Global Commentary On Leader Of The Band


David Steinberg, CEO Zeta Global Commentary On Leader Of The Band

Leading a band to a great performance is very much like leading a team of workers.  Band members, like today’s workforce, are comprised of so many different personalities with diverse goals.  The difference is that every band member acknowledges that the leader needs to be heeded in order to succeed.  Playing in a band is not a democracy.


Exceptional band leaders and corporate leaders share many of the same attributes.  These include professionalism, patience, respectfulness, an open mind, the big picture view, the ability to delegate, strong communication, decisiveness, self-awareness, and a motivator.

However, in the corporate sector, leading in today’s environment has become a lot more challenging.  Some of these factors are also very critical for leaders to acknowledge and work on. Here are the critical ones.

Important Actions

The National Business Research Institute reports that companies can see a 50% rise in worker satisfaction when they experience close relationships at work.  This can be accomplished through things like mentorship and buddy programs.  Interdepartmental or lunch and learn opportunities can also enhance this.

Feedback is also important.  BambooHR reports that 51% of workers wish to get feedback after they complete projects. They also said casual, but private meetings with their bosses are also useful. 

A study by Next Generation Workplace reported that half the workers they interviewed said they plan to stay with their employers for five years or longer because of the company’s one-on-one program.   What’s important is that managers need to be taught and equipped on how to give constructive feedback.

In large companies, effective managers are role models and create a welcoming atmosphere  for workers.  Besides giving direction to their team members, they implement efforts that demonstrate a genuine interest in helping their workers achieve their goals. A company’s benefits should also reflect its values and the culture it wants to be remembered for.  Physical, as well as mental health, should rank at the top of the list.  PTO or paid time off play a big role in the later.

 All employees are concerned about their finances.  A retirement plan can be extremely helpful.  If not, matching contributions into an IRA or 401(k) are great.

A survey by GoBankingRates discovered that more than half of American workers have less than $1,000 in savings.   A free seminar on budgeting, savings and managing debt would go a long way toward instilling a feeling of employee care within a company.

Instilling a sense of community not just within the company but also in each neighborhood where the organization has a presence will also get employees to embrace the corporate values.  Encouraging and assisting employees to get involved in local volunteer efforts helps morale and pride and also instills loyalty.

Companies that allow employees to volunteer during regular working hours also get more traction.  So do companies that match employee donations to nonprofits.  These aren’t necessary but may be things to consider depending on company worker logistics and budgets.

The end result is that when management helps employees improve at their jobs and delivers quality feedback, the company not only nurtures a pleased worker, but also has an opportunity to retain him/her longer than the average in today’s shorter-term marketplace.

About the Author: David Steinberg is CEO of Zeta Global.

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