dApps Moving to WAX and Leaving EOS

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) announced partnerships with several EOS-based dApps that are moving to WAX. ITAM, Korea’s market-leading mobile games platform, plans to move its entire portfolio of in-game digital assets from EOS to WAX, including Dungeon Princess, Blue Dawn, Dark Town, Darkside Dungeon and many others.

Citing Prospector’s overnight success, continuing angst over EOS congestion issues, and WAX’s attributes as a purpose-built video gaming platform, Dark Country (GA scheduled for 2020); battle game Chain Clash; and KARMA social network also announced plans to move their projects from EOSIO chains to WAX.

Developers interested in replicating or migrating their dApps to WAX can sign up for the 30-day EOS-to-WAX challenge. Ten contestants will receive $2,500, co-marketing programs, and access to a rich set of development resources.

“This wave of partnerships reflect games developers’ confidence that our purpose-built video gaming network is uniquely qualified to all needs of gamers and games developers alike,” said WAX co-founder William Quigley.

WAX has a consumer-friendly login and onboarding process for dApp customers. Customers can log in and start using dApps with just two clicks, without having to link a third-party wallet. Customers can login using 13 different methods like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and VK – localized in over 50 languages.

Earning WAX Staking Rewards offsets developer operational costs. Developers can earn rewards in the form of more WAX Tokens while running their dApps. By voting regularly for WAX Guilds and standby guilds, dApp developers not only contribute to the selection of quality block producers which supports the overall health of the WAX Blockchain, they also earn more WAX Tokens every day.

The WAX Blockchain has a diverse pool of block producers. The 21 WAX Guilds producing blocks on the WAX Blockchain are the top WAX Guilds determined by the independent Office of the Inspector General, per its WAX Guild Ratings Report.

WAX has an effective and coherent governance model. WAX has a higher rate of voter participation than any other DPoS blockchain because token holders are incentivized to vote. These voters choose the block producers (called WAX Guilds) and soon, proposals submitted to the WAX Worker Proposal System.

Source: Blockchain Wire