CSR: Promoting Your Firm as a Good Corporate Citizen


Luke Stratmann, Metro Market Manager, Robert Half

The rise of popular global events like Giving Tuesday suggest that professionals across industries value employers that support the communities where their staff live and work. In fact, 67 percent of employees responding to a recent Robert Half survey said an organization’s participation in charitable events influences their decision to work there.

Leaders of successful companies understand that making corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs part of their organizational culture is not only the right thing to do, but can also help boost their efforts to attract and retain top talent. 

Why CSR Matters

Employees want to feel pride in their company. With social media and the 24-hour news cycle, consumers — including your current and future workers — have a greater social consciousness than ever before.

Skilled professionals not only want roles that challenge and excite them, but they also seek out organizations that share similar values. A brand that’s known for volunteerism and charitable giving is a good neighbor, making CSR a win for the community, the organization and employees.

Job seekers, especially millennials, are increasingly seeking employers that are as altruistic as they are profitable. And when staff members volunteer as a team, they develop stronger workplace relationships. 

Getting Started with corporate Philanthropy

A company’s philanthropic efforts are most often focused on areas where it thinks it can offer the most help. Robert Half, for example, supports education and workforce development, two areas where we feel we can make the greatest impact as a staffing company. Funding and volunteering are also driven by the choices of a firm’s employees as to organizations they consider most important and worthy.

Whether you’re starting your CSR program from scratch or need to reboot it, a simple employee survey can help you better understand what charities and philanthropic activities they’re most interested in. When workers are involved in creating, implementing and sustaining the program, they’ll feel more invested and excited about it.

Not sure where to start? Here are some options that employees can really get behind:

  • Organizing a clothing, toy or food drive that benefits a local nonprofit
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, animal rescue or beach cleanup as a group
  • Sponsoring and participating in charity events like races or auctions
  • Donating to causes that matter most to employees, such as disaster-relief efforts or local schools
  • Offering pro bono services to groups in need
  • Providing time off for team outings or personal volunteer work (49 percent of companies offer this, according to the Robert Half survey)
  • Starting an employee matching gifts program

Promoting Your Company’s CSR Efforts

You may not want to toot your own horn when it comes to your own personal giving, but it’s beneficial for management to publicize the company’s good works. That’s because there are many stakeholders — from employees and investors to lenders and customers — who are interested in a business’s record as a good corporate citizen.

Your organization’s website should feature an up-to-date CSR section or landing page that highlights corporate charitable initiatives. Include photos and videos for extra impact. The same goes for company blogs and social media channels: Highlight your volunteer activities and share how they align with your core values.

Workers and job candidates are looking for employers that care about more than just the bottom line. By implementing a strong CSR program, you help create a culture of community involvement that will bolster your company’s reputation in countless ways.

CSR-Promoting Your Firm as a Good Corporate CitizenAbout the Author: Luke Stratmann is a metro market manager for Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm and a recognized leader in professional consulting and staffing services. Based in Baltimore, MD, Luke and his team participate in a variety of activities throughout the year focused on supporting local, community-based organizations. Robert Half has staffing and consulting operations in more than 400 locations worldwide and offers job search services at roberthalf.com. For an in-depth look at how Robert Half is helping communities locally and across the globe, download its corporate citizenship report.