Crytpocurrency TV and Streaming Channel Begins Production

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Cryptocurrency holding company, Web Global Holdings, Inc. announced the start of production in Los Angeles for CryptoCake, a 24-hour TV and streaming channel devoted to cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech news, information and entertainment.

Over the last two weeks, the company has been prepping and shooting six of the 14 pilot shows for the CryptoCake TV channel. Post-production will commence this week which includes days of editing. The company will release the pilots in streaming format across multiple streaming outlets. The company has also tapped seasoned Hollywood-based production crews to expedite the production process.

“We are aggressively moving forward with a robust slate of original programming and believe we are off to a terrific start,” said Steve Slome, Chief Executive Officer of Web Global Holdings, Inc. and co-creator of CryptoCake TV. “The CryptoCake production team has been hard at work building out sets and has cast nearly all of the pilots with experts and influencers in the crypto space. The cast members we have chosen are stellar and have committed their involvement in the channel by way of sharing content with their personal fans and audience base.”

CryptoCake expects to have a full catalog of pilot shows and programming covering a variety of narratives related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The channel’s programming content will include general news reporting, cryptocurrency reviews, a celebrity evening talk show, FUD Busting, gamers in crypto, as well as a show on exchanges and Initial Coin Offering’s (ICO’s).

According to a recent report from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), the number of U.S. TV households using only over-the-top (OTT) streaming services and devices has tripled since 2013, rising to 14.1 million homes. The report also found that the use of OTT devices and access is on the rise, with nearly one-third of all OTT subscribers having three or more ways of accessing content, an increase of eight times from two years ago.

“We are also fielding a considerable amount of interest in advertising space as almost all operators in the crypto space are hungry for increased exposure for their operations. Advertising will be one of the most crucial revenue sources for the company and we are very encouraged by the potential we can already see coming our way,” Slome continued.

The VAB report also projects that advertising will continue to be an essential component of the OTT ecosystem. According to the findings, 65 percent of people who use a second screen while streaming content have looked up information about a product they’ve seen advertised or featured on that program.

The company plans to announce the titles of the shows by the end of October of the 14 pilots with previews released on and the CryptoCake YouTube channel with the full channel set to launch February 2019.


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