Cryptographers Join Forces to Build Superior Blockchain Interoperability and Distributed Custodial Solution

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Fusion Foundation, a non-profit organization on a mission to build the next generation financial infrastructure, announced it has engaged in a joint initiative with esteemed cryptologists Rosario Gennaro, Professor of Computer Science at CUNY, Steven Goldfeder, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, Louis Goubin, Professor of Computer Science at University of Versailles and Pascal Paillier, Ph.D., CEO and Senior Security Expert at CryptoExperts to accelerate the implementation of Fusion’s highly anticipated interoperability and distributed custody solution, Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM).

“At the core of Fusion’s mission has been interoperability and building the highest grade secure distributed custodial solutions through our DCRM technology. We are privileged to be collaborating with four of the brightest and most creative minds in cryptography to validate, certify and help enhance our DCRM architecture,” stated Dejun Qian, Founder of Fusion. “Together, we plan to tackle decentralized secure custody and provide new scalable, efficient and reliable solutions for the digital assets community.”

During this first phase of research, Gennaro and Goldfeder will analyze the theoretical basis of Fusion’s ECDSA implementation that would enable DCRM to support additional crypto-assets.

Source: Blockchain Wire

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