Cross-Channel Video Content Strategies


Mike Paffman, CEO, VIRGO PR

There have been plenty of times when a company created a great product along with an amazing video showcasing and promoting that product. Then, after a small lead generation campaign targeting a few hundred prospects, when the company sends out a promotional email with the video and product details, it doesn’t receive any responses. This is something that frequently happens with companies that only utilize a single promotional channel to execute their PR and marketing strategies. 

Cross channel as well as omnichannel promotional strategies include multiple channels, which ensures that customers have a smooth buying journey at every touchpoint with the business. A good example of this is a business that runs paid ads as well as social media ads. With traditional promotional efforts, the business can also run newspaper ads and distribute flyers. With omnichannel promotional strategies, all of these channels are integrated together. 

Cross-channel promotional tools included all of the software programs and mobile apps that allow companies to bridge the gap between their online and offline promotional efforts. These programs also help companies develop and manage the overall cross-channel promotional campaign. Companies take advantage of many lucrative opportunities when pairing cross-channel public relations efforts with video content. 


One of the reasons why companies should include video content in their cross-channel PR strategies is the increase in the engagement rate. Companies that primarily use email as their primary promotional channel can note a great return on investment (ROI). However, email is best utilized for consumers who are already highly engaged with the brand, which means emails don’t work for more casual customers. 

On the other hand, most people these days already consume video content via social media platforms. These platforms are designed for engaging pieces of video content, which makes them the perfect place for companies to distribute video content and generate more engagement with the target audience. 

Consumer Behavior Alignment

Many consumers enjoy interacting with their favorite brands across multiple channels because they use different platforms to consume different types of unique content. When businesses implement cross-channel promotional efforts, they’ll be able to align their promotional campaigns with this type of consumer behavior. That way,  businesses will end up engaging their target audiences across a variety of channels and touchpoints, which gives consumers the luxury of interacting with the businesses whenever and wherever they’d like. 

Not only that, but this type of strategy also increases customer loyalty, because the target audience will be receiving a great brand experience across a variety of channels. That means the customers will view the business as a trustworthy and credible brand, which makes them stick around over a long period of time and make repeat purchases. 

Finally, cross-channel video content promotional strategies are also incredibly helpful for businesses to convince consumers to make a purchase at a faster rate. In today’s hyper-competitive market landscape, customers have plenty of options they can choose from. That means companies should convince the consumers quickly that they are the right choice for them. This is easily achieved with video content.

Mike PauffmanAbout the Author: Mike Paffman is CEO of Virgo PR, a leading PR agency.