Crisis Communications Management – A Trump Apology Recommendation


Editor’s Note: We asked crisis management experts how they would phrase Trump’s apology and here’s how Thomas J. Madden, TransMedia group’s CEO would do it even though he’s very upset with what he calls “Trump’s penchant for imploding.”

trump-apologyLike my opponent keeps saying it was a mistake to send hundreds of classified emails over her private server and she says she’ll never make that mistake again . . . neither will I.

My crude locker room talk years ago while I was on a show biz track and perhaps a little full of myself was so disrespectful to women. Today I’m embarrassed. It was a terrible mistake. Today I’m not that person on that audio. You can be sure I’ll never act like that as your president. Call me a late bloomer, but I’ve matured. Boy am I mature!

Not to excuse my mistakes and lewd talk in any way, shape or form, at least my mistakes didn’t rise like Hillary’s to the level of jeopardizing our national security. Fellow Americans, please forgive me. I respect women. I revere them. I hire you. I have confidence in you and now I need you, all women, to forgive me as I’m no longer the apprentice.

I’m now going for the top job in our country as I’m confident I can truly make America not only great again, but more tolerant, more decent, respectful, just and fair. Humbly, I thank you.


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