Crisis = Challenge + Opportunity

It feels as though the world has come to a screeching halt. We’re stuck inside (except for grocery runs and dog walks), and the markets are gyrating. How are smart businesses approaching marketing when fear is at an all-time high?

First, our hearts go out to everyone affected as well as those performing essential tasks, from healthcare to groceries. Our advice for those who are well and safe is to prepare.

View every crisis as a challenge and opportunity. That’s where marketing comes in: to improve and optimize. A clear message has never been more important. This we view within the context of two periods: today, maintain brand connection and speak with a single, cohesive, and empathetic voice; then, when we come out of this, be prepared to rocket.

Defy the paralysis of anxiety, communicate with your clients publicly, and highlight what your overall team is experiencing. Emphasize community: now is the time to be our best selves. Be prepared for both today and the hopefully not-so-distant future.

Speak to your clients authentically, and watch new ones come into your circle. Reach out—we’re happy to provide advice without fee or obligation. Right now, pulling together is what we need.

Andrew Corn, CEO, E5A

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