Create a Shift in Your Subconscious Mind to Open Up Business Possibilities


Rhiannon Rees, Author

When you understand the opportunity that your subconscious mind offers you, in terms of being able to catapult your success in extraordinary ways, it is worth giving heed to and developing. This is an area I refined for years, and it has had an immense impact on my own business.

Nature is a great example of this. None of us know why every single snowflake is unique and yet, it all comes from the same source — water.

Most of us are familiar with perception puzzles, where the picture you are seeing could be seen in one, two, or many ways. 

Some people will see a young stylish lady and yet others will see an old decrepit woman. 

This is all dependent on the programming of your subconscious mind.

See, your subconscious mind, already has its own compass that was developed early on in your life, this was based on the experiences and teachings that you had as a child. 

Your Reticular Activating System – which resides in the subconscious will not know if what you feed it is true or not. The real kicker here is that once you decide something is “true” for you, then your subconscious will set about to prove to you that you are right, by bringing things into your world or vision to support this. 

Why is this so? Because your Reticular Activating System is actually helping to support your identity. It is working to support who you know yourself to be. 

But this may not always be in your best interest and may be causing issues for you. For example, you think you need to “work hard to make good money.” How is upholding this “belief” benefiting you? Because what it will mean, is that you will only value hard work. 

I discuss this topic in my books. The idea that ‘I do not want to work “hard” for my money, I would rather work “easy” or have my money make my money and not work at all.’ But how can I change this belief on a cognitive level so that the results actually change?

For one thing, you need to “reprogram” that subconscious, and because the subconscious does not know if it is real or not, then you need to “feed” that new information to your RAS. (Reticular Activating system).

So, how do you do this? 

We become the words that we say to ourselves when we are by ourselves. 

So what are you saying about yourself? Do you value “hard work?” Are you from a family who values “hard work”? Will you still “belong” if you no longer “work hard?”

All these questions must be considered. 

Many of these ideas are extremely deep seated in our families. our communities, our culture, even our education.

That’s why, we need to take time out for ourselves to see if our “compass” is actually working for us, and actually working to help us create the life we want to lead. If it is not, then it is time for a reset.

I have done so much work in this area that I have become a master manifestor and I am able to help others attain this for themselves. For example, I have gone from penniless, powerless and homeless with a 6-figure debt to the #1 Global Business and Performance Coach with a life full of choice and an 8000+ % increase in gross revenue in just over 18 months. There is power in the mind.

I have seen a farmer turn from 6 million in debt to producing a 15 million-dollar business, and debt-free in just 3 years. The bank was taking his farm and home that had been in his family for over 150 years.

I worked with a sporting team who hadn’t made the top 8 teams in years to winning the equivalent of the Super Bowl in the very same year.

Here are some simple tips can we all use to get started:

1) Check Your Throw-Away Lines

The first thing that anyone needs to do is to have an awareness of the seemingly throw away lines that casually appear in conversation, like:

  • I’m always struggling. 
  • Everything is a battle
  • I have so much going on at the moment
  • We have too many bills.

2) Focus equals results 

It is true, that wherever we place our focus will bring that result to us. Even tiny shifts in language will compound to create entirely different outcomes. 

So, if I was to re-phrase the above throw-away lines, I would instead say:

  • “Everything is effortless.” After all, who wants to struggle? I do not!
  • “Everything is effortless” in place of “Everything is a battle”
  • “I have so much going on” – could be spoken instead as “I have all the time in the world.”
  • “We have too many bills” could be “I have so many multiple streams of income that I have run out of bills to pay!”

I am simplifying these examples, but the point is that changing the way we speak – can shift our perspectives, which in turn can shift our experiences and outlook. 

My life has significantly transformed from homeless to having an abundant worldwide coaching business by implementing these tips and re-programming the compass in my subconscious mind.

Re-programming our subconscious mind is just one of the first steps, but a very important one indeed. There are many other things to harness but this is a great place to begin.  

About the Author: Rhiannon Rees (B. Bus, D.C.H, H.M.C, R.S. Hom) is a human behavior expert and international high-performance coach helping CEO’s, businesses, elite athletes, coaches and celebrities to redefine their level of success

An Australian native, Rhiannon is a best-selling author, thriving entrepreneur and a global speaker.Her personal sufferings led her into a 30-year study of human behavior. Being completely compelled to help others, she has continued to invest in education in the fields of self-development, neuroscience and business. Rhiannon is the founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective and has demonstrated success in creating both multi-million-dollar companies and individuals and champions. She is IAOTP’s Global Visionary of the Year 2021, IAOTP’s #1 Business and Performance Coach and Top 10 Global Guru in Coaching and is ranked #6 in Global Gurus. She has been voted Top 30 Global Gurus for Coaching for six years. Follow Rhiannon





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