Cover Letters: 5 Tips to Maximize Readership


CoverLetterIn the job search world today, getting noticed can be the hardest part.  Recruiters and hiring managers are bombarded with resumes and only spend a few seconds scanning each one.  What should you do to  be noticed?  Make sure your cover letter stands out and is easy to read.

Cover letters serve as an introduction, should state why you are applying and discuss your qualifications concisely.  They should end with an ask for a meeting or interview.  Make sure your cover letter adheres to the following:

1.  Is on one page with three short paragraphs.

2.  Each paragraph should have 2-4 sentences, maximum.

3.  Set your spacing to optimize white space –  double space between paragraphs, one- and-a-half spaces between sentences.

4.  Use bullets or lists to highlight skills.

5.  Proofread, proofread, proofread.

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