Cover Letters: 3 Types And When To Use Each


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Cover letters are very hard to write and many candidates craft one and use it over and over.

Like resumes, cover letters should be personalized as much as possible and you must use the right format. These letters differ if you are prospecting, applying for a position or are networking.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Prospecting:  This type of cover letter should be used if you are inquiring about open positions within a company.  This letter tells a company that you are looking and lists your skills.  You should research the company before sending this letter so you know the skills and types of jobs they have open or not.  Whether sending a letter or applying online, remember your letter might be held for a future date when a position opens up so make sure you have listed all your skills.
  2. Application Letter:  This letter is used when you are responding to a specific job ad.  You could be sending this letter via mail, email or answering online and need to research both the company and the job description before replying.  Make sure you state the title of the open positon and refer back to the ad and state your specific skills that match.
  3. Networking Letter:  This type of letter is a form of networking.  Make sure to mention who referred you or how you heard of this company and why you are interested.  A referral can make a difference in getting a job and/or help you connect to other influencers who can help your career.

A well-written cover letter can get you an interview.  Make sure you are using the right approach.

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