Cover Letters: 5 Tips For Writing A Terrific One


By Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

CoverLetterWriting a cover letter can be stressful.  You want to capture the reader’s attention but you don’t want to bore them or, worse, have a mistake in your copy.  Since your resume is attached, you want the reader to be so interested they open it.    There isn’t any magic involved, just common sense.  So relax and remember to follow these basic rules to get your cover letter read.

1.  Customize every cover letter you send out.  If you don’t tailor your letter to the reader, why should they be interested.  Connect your skills to those listed in the description/ad.

2.  Your resume is attached so don’t duplicate it in your cover letter.

3.  Keep is simple and concise.  A maximum of three paragraphs with three to four sentences each.  Use a readable typeface and with lots of white space.

4.  Highlight your soft skills and how they can help with this position.

5.  Be enthusiastic!  The reader may be going through many resumes, don’t bore them.


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