Corporate Social Responsibility: The Risks and Rewards of Pursuing ESG Priorities


Companies that act in an ethical, responsible manner can create a huge advantage in recruiting, retention and sales. An expert shares how to pursue meaningful, sustainable programs.

Robby Brumberg, Editor,

As feather-haired Andre Agassi boldly stated in a bygone era: “Image is everything.”

That’s still kind of true. But a more precise update for 2021 would be: “Reputation is everything.”

Jessie Sitnick, VP of corporate and public affairs at Toronto-based Argyle, shared a wealth of tremendous guidance with Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Network members on the perils and benefits of pursuing an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plan. Sitnick, who previously spent a decade in the environmental sector, says her career has largely focused on the “E” in ESG. But that’s just one ingredient in a much larger strategic stew.

To begin, she clarified the difference between ESG, CSR and corporate philanthropy. They’re all similar—and certainly related—but important distinctions include:

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