CONVINCE ME Masterclass -Trade Secrets of an FBI Hostage Negotiator and a Communications Expert

Live Event: November 4 (New York City)

You can’t negotiate a better deal


Convince Me Masterclass

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If you’re in communications looking to get “buy-in” from your leaders to create what’s next, then this is the masterclass for you. Learn advanced negotiation tactics that will move people from skeptical to hell yes! Get the support you need. RSVP today and learn from communications expert Adele Gambardella Cehrs and former FBI negotiator Chip Massey in New York.

This includes how to change mindsets, influence decision-making, and bring about change for maximum growth and market dominance.

Learn how to:

  • How to read people like and FBI agent
  • Have difficult conversations that matter
  • Tap into the neuroscience of persuasion
  •  Increase trust in you as a leader + within your organization
  •  Access your words without emotional hijacking your clients, peers or employees
  •  Moving from being “me” centric to becoming “we” centric
  •  Learn the neuroscience of conversations
  •  Manage your own emotions + your team effectively in challenging situations

Convince Me from When and How Channel on Vimeo.

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