What 2020 Communicators Need to Know, But Don’t: CONVINCE ME Masterclass


November 4, 2019 – New York City


Convince Me Masterclass

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The Future of Communications Is…

Master communications in 2020? Seems so futuristic, but before know it, the New Year will be upon us in a shockingly quick pace.
What are you doing as a communicator to make sure you have advanced skills to be exceptional? While there are plenty on professional development opportunities online and off – I urge you to treat the Convince Me Masterclass differently.
I’ve been in communications for close to two decades and I’ve never been exposed to the inner teachings of the mind of an FBI hostage negotiator or an adult-learning neuroscience expert. This is a new way of thinking and practicing communications that you can benefit from immediately.

 Techniques like:

  • How to get to someone’s “Unstated Narrative” – the tape that is running in their head on a constant loop. Imagine how helpful that would be when you are writing messaging for your CEO or talking to an investigative reporter. All this from a former FBI agent whose job it was to build rapport and get to know someone in a life or death situation. While we are worried about sullied reputations, trolls on social media or a less than stellar earning report. These skills transfer and can set you apart.
  • As communicators we are constantly trying to help clients improve their personal brands and in doing so we are often playing the “What If Game.” “What if” we say this — the company will be perceived wrong. “What if” the CEO doesn’t apologize — the crisis will get worse. In playing this game of chess — we are less likely to be present and listen effectively responding to what is happening in the here and now. When you are dialed into the skill of “Forensic Listening” you can guide executives to a strategic solution with a foundation built on trust. You help them see the solution as beneficial to them and the company by a deeper level of buy in.
  • The skill of “Emotional Labeling” shows your client that you are deeply concerned about what is important to them and you are crafting a message that better represents them. Additionally, you will be quickly seen as a trusted advisor who truly understands their feelings and motivations.

Other takeaways include:  

 ✓ Tap into the neuroscience of persuasion to get better at presenting and pitching your ideas
 ✓ How to have difficult conversations that matter with limited information
 ✓ Increase trust in you as a leader and within your organization through forensic listening
 ✓ Access your words and actions objectively without emotional hijacking your clients, peers or employees
✓ Learn the neuroscience of Level 1, 2 and 3 conversations (CIQ) and why you should have more Level 3 conversations in business
✓ Manage your own emotions and your team effectively in challenging situations

Sign up today and set up 2020 as a master communicator. 

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