Content Marketing Director – Top Marketing Job of 2014


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According Forbes the top new marketing job recruited and hire in 2014 will be a Director of Content. According to HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, companies that clearly define marketing and sales roles in relation to content marketing experience a significantly lower customer acquisition cost than those that don’t have this in place.

So what exactly is expected of a Director of Content? 

  1. Develop an effective content strategy.
  2. Know how to research the landscape around the brand.
  3. Monitor industry and customer trends and sentiment
  4. Tap into the conversations of the audiences you want to reach.
  5. Content creation based on insights gleaned from your research.
  6. Develop a team with excellent visual content skills.
  7. Know how to distribute content using owned, earned and paid channels.
  8. Understand the technology so that you can choose the right tools and platforms.
  9. Monitor trends, manage content and interactions and measure results.
  10. Report results to the C-suite using easy to grasp analytics that tell a story.

Content is about effective storytelling. Many PR people know how to write and how to tell a story.  To be a Director of Content you need more than that.  It will mean learning some new skills, but since very few companies currently have a Director of Content and it’s tipped to be the top new hire in 2014, this investment could pay off handsomely. You probably have people in your organization who could wear this hat if they had some content strategy training.




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