Content Marketing and PR


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Developing high-quality and valuable content has become one of the cornerstones of good PR, and marketing strategies. A lot of people these days are demanding that type of content from brands and corporations. 

However, only creating branded content is not going to be enough for many companies, so many businesses are already distributing their own content. This leads to less discoverability and makes things a lot more difficult when companies want to stand out and be noticed by new customers. 

To get a brand’s content in front of the right audience, a PR campaign should include a content marketing strategy alongside it. There are several ways in which PR efforts greatly benefit from content marketing and plenty of reasons why they often go together. 


With thousands of articles being published on a daily basis, even the best ones can go unnoticed by the public But when PR outreach is involved, valuable, and informative content can be targeted to relevant reporters, bloggers and influencers. This is a great way to get a brand’s content in front of key people and benefit from social shares, a wider audience, and media coverage. 

Some journalists have even admitted to finding stories on social media platforms or other media outlets, which means when content is distributed across a variety of channels, the chances of someone picking up a story are a lot higher. 


Although promoting content to influencers and journalists is great, public relations is a lot more than simply sending out pitches to them in the hopes of media coverage. In fact, PR is also about creating and nurturing relationships with these journalists and influencers, as they are mutually beneficial. 

These types of relationships can be very powerful content marketing and PR tools when used right. Especially if they involve influencers, as they tend to be a consistent source of branded content, media coverage mentions on social media, or even reviews of products or services. 

Universal Information Services Business Intelligence newstrackproThought Leadership 

This is one of the best demonstrations of the intricate connection between marketing and PR. Public relations is a powerful tool for brand building, and increasing a brand’s authority, while marketing is a tool for establishing a brand or its executives as thought leaders. 

Between interviews, social media presence, media coverage, speaking engagements, industry reports in insightful articles or write papers, using these two tools allows brands to create and distribute authentic content to position themselves as thought leaders in an industry. 


These days, PR has a key role in improving a company’s digital reputation and presence, which combines various public relations efforts. Companies have to be proactive when sharing their content with the target audience and getting that content published on relevant websites, while also making sure the content fits the needs of the reporters. 

Journalists and media outlets have their own requirements when it comes to pitching and distributing content, and companies have to be reactive to those requirements, or needs, to get the content published.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, one of America’s leading PR Firms.