Connecting Mobile Marketing Efforts to The In-Store Customer Journey

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Plot Projects, a location data and marketing technology provider for mobile apps based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has rolled out a new product enabling marketers to measure the lift in dwell-based store visits initiated by mobile app marketing. With Plot Projects’ market-defining product called Attribute, mobile marketers can close the long-standing gap in customer journey and follow the user all the way from a click in the app to a store visit.

The technology, powered by geofencing, detects when app users enter pre-defined geographic areas. Besides its value for online-to-offline attribution, Plot Projects’ technology is widely used to send location-based notifications, gather competitive location intelligence and retarget users based on location history.

Attribute has been tested for over a year by two major flyer catalogues in Europe. They have been using the product to measure campaigns running for several retailers and found their mobile marketing efforts generated a 758% lift in conversion to visits.

Online-to-offline attribution has traditionally been challenging for publishers. To this day, customers who browsed a mobile app and eventually made in-store purchases would fall off the grid, inevitably leading to inaccurate ROI.

Attribute draws a connection between any recent in-app marketing action and a store visit. Here are a few examples of what mobile app publishers can measure the foot traffic attribution of:

  • Reading a flyer/coupon/voucher
  • Checking a restaurant profile
  • Seeing an in-app banner
  • Clicking on an in-app banner

Attribute also helps filter out passersby from actual visitors by measuring how long an app user stayed at a location. This is especially important if your business locations are in a dense, busy urban area where you need to be more accurate with separating these two groups.

“With 92% of commerce still happening offline in physical stores, knowing which of your mobile marketing efforts succeed at driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations is key to proving the value of your services,” – says Menno Kolkert, CEO of Plot Projects. “For this reason, we are very glad to have launched a truly universal tool that will enable mobile apps to measure the online-to-offline attribution”.

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