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When thinking of a social media platform for your business, Pinterest isn’t usually the first platform of choice. While older platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have rapidly grown over time, the Pinterest user growth rate has been relatively slow. Even newer social platforms TikTok and Snapchat, have had faster increases of users.

However, when it comes to affiliate marketing, Pinterest is your go-to social media platform. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have had struggles with change in algorithms, cost of ads, and click-through-rate. But, Pinterest, on the other hand, has not been affected by such weaknesses. Its mood board interface, re-pins, and group functions make it easy to post products that are part of a consumer’s everyday lifestyle. 

Additionally, 58% of US Pinterest users say that the platform helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions. At the same time, 89% say that Pinterest inspires them towards buying an item. Pinterest encapsulates the power of impulse that makes users fed on well-curated accounts that motivate them to take action. Thus this visual search engine makes it a platform every affiliate marketer wishes to work on.

So, want to know more about Pinterest affiliate links? Then, keeping reading this complete guide for affiliate marketing on Pinterest for all you need to know.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing entails you promoting a brand’s product or service to earn a commission. The commission fee is either for a fixed price or a fixed percentage. And this depends on the kind of product or service you are promoting. Affiliate marketers can promote an affiliate product link through:

  • Blog writing
  • Sharing out the link to your contacts
  • Using your social media pages to promote the affiliate product link

This last method is where the affiliate program for Pinterest comes in. In this case, you recommend products on Pinterest for your followers to buy. And then, you get paid your commission when your follower buys the affiliate product.

How Do You Add An Adding Affiliate Links To Pinterest?

Adding Pinterest affiliate links is pretty straightforward:

  • From your profile page, you can create a pin like you usually would. 
  • You click on the plus sign underneath the search bar. 
  • Add a title, something simple and not too wordy. 
  • Then type in the description. 
  • Next, you’ll have to include your affiliate link and visuals. 
  • Save and then post

Let’s consider the Amazon affiliate program since it is the biggest eCommerce platform out there. If you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest, you must be signed to the program and have an official website. It would also be best to include Amazon’s site stripe special links (as indicated below) and not a third-party shortened link. So all you need to key in is your pin and then the Amazon link. And when anyone purchases on Amazon via your post, you get a commission.

Another essential thing to note is that Amazon does not allow you to screenshot or download their images to upload on your pin. Also, ensure that you always disclose if a pin is an affiliate link. For example, you can add a “#affiliate” or “affiliate link” at the end of the description.

Ideas and Best Practices for How Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Works

For short term affiliate marketing on Pinterest, it is pretty simple. You create an account on Pinterest. Then you can apply to affiliate programs for Pinterest and create pins with affiliate links. Easy peasy, right? Yes, but only if it is for the short term, and you want to make a few quick bucks.

However, if you’re going long term and full-fledge, then you need to have a website. Even though having a website, it is not a conventional requirement to make money on Pinterest. You also need to research your program-specific terms to avoid your accounts from being flagged. Let’s consider some of the best practices in setting up affiliate programs for Pinterest:

Create a Pinterest Account

To promote affiliate products on Pinterest, you need to have a Pinterest account. Sign up can be done via your Facebook account or Google Account. Once your account is up, you can optimize your mood board by creating content for your niche audience. For example, some niches and items that are relevant to one another could include:

  • Art: Paint, Brushes, Aisle, Pencils   
  • Home living: Lamps, Coat rack, Rugs, Curtains
  • Dogs: Food, Leash, Bowls, Collars, Frisbee 
  • Custom writing review and research paper writing serviceCheap essays, Professional writing, Blogs on college applications, etc.

Get Approval from the Affiliate Program

Another vital practice of affiliate programs for Pinterest is to apply and get approval from an affiliate program. Only then can you get a unique link to promote the product. It is best to go for an affiliate program around your niche and interest areas. It also helps to have some information about that product.

Promoting Your Affiliate Product  

After your account and Pinterest affiliate links are done, you can start pinning the images of the affiliate product you’ll be promoting. Remember to follow the visual terms of the affiliate program you’re linking to. If you are allowed to use images from the affiliate product, you can upload them.

But if you’re not allowed to like with Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest, there are free tools you can use. For example, other visual design tools like Crello, Stencil, Canva, etc. You can also make use of other Pinterest users pins and re-pin them.

Post Several Pins and Re-pins

I’ll advise you have 20-30 different boards and then save the pins with the affiliate product link in those boards. It’s because the Pinterest algorithm is designed to show the user with the most pins on the top of a search result. You can combine pins and re-pins (especially the most popular ones) to increase your chances to top search results. Also, do so regularly so you can maintain your engagement with other users.


Make Use of Effective Description

When creating an affiliate Pinterest pin, there is a provision for a short description. You can add a description to all the Pinterest pins and re-pins that you post. The description on your pins should contain relevant keywords that best describe the affiliate product in your post. For instance, if the affiliate product is a dress, the description should include the color, style, size, fabric, etc. When you use relevant keywords, the chances of your pins coming up in the search result are higher.

Thus, you can use similar SEO principles for search Goggle, Yahoo, or Bing engine rankings for Pinterest affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing on Pinterest is much easier to optimize than Google and an excellent way on How to Combine Social Media with SEO. On Pinterest, the focus is more on creating and sharing useful information. The visual algorithm then suggests content to users based on their likes.


Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, when done right, is an excellent way to make money online. However, it takes a while before the money starts rolling in. Still, the platform is cost-effective and encourages affiliate marketing. Besides, it has a great system to weed out spammy content. Therefore, following this complete guide, I’m sure you’re now more equipped to make money online through affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

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