Company Culture: Make Kindness Your Top KPI for 2021


What are you measuring for the year ahead? Here’s how one communicator says companies should change how they think about success and prosperity.

Esther-Mireya Tejeda, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, SoundExchange

Just a few weeks after joining SoundExchange in November of 2020 as its chief marketing and communications officer, I tested positive for COVID-19.  There is never a good time to get COVID, but this felt catastrophic.

The battle that ensued landed me in the hospital twice for long stretches of time. I almost did not make it.  It was truly a fight for my life.

During this harrowing experience, my SoundExchange team sent flowers to my home, toys to my toddler, and our CEO checked in regularly with my family with genuine and unconditional concern for my health and my life. Even as a new employee with no dues paid yet to the company, the focus was on me as a fellow human being and how I was doing in those really dark day.

The kindness, support, and sheer humanity of it all is a refreshing version of a people-first culture that could be possible in all organizations. I already believed I made a stellar move by joining the band at SoundExchange, and how I was treated in those terrifying moments created an even deeper sense of pride, commitment and trust in our company, our team, our leadership, and our vision forward.

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