Communications Week 2019 Challenges PR Industry to Define “Value”


Tiffany Guarnaccia, Founder and CEO of Kite Hill PR, Founder of Communications Week

The communications industry is under a period of great scrutiny. PR, media, and marketing agencies are all trying to quantify their inherent value and settle the constant questioning from stakeholders. Communications Week 2019 found itself asking how do we prove the “value” these industries are providing and what are the tools and resources needed to deliver results? Here are just some of the insights the week uncovered.

Understand your audience

Communications Week New York started off encouraging attendees to delve deeper into the insights, experiences and metrics that will advance and enrich PR, marketing and media. The day pushed on to urge PR professionals to connect with and understand the objectives of the individual companies they service. Evaluating business goals and strategically aligning with them will only further help to drive the value of PR upward.

Learn new technology skills

The discussion in London took a look at how technology has affected the work of PR professionals. Panelists stressed the importance of making sure you are as skilled and up to date as possible with the latest innovations. With advancements in voice tech, AI and VR being made each day, if we don’t tap into these we will lose massive audiences.

Measure, measure and measure some more

Our supporting sponsors ended the week on a high note, teaching attendees about the value of measurement and metrics. It can be difficult to quantify PR’s value to executives outside of our industry so we need to craft a story using metrics and deliver effective results back to the brand.

From measurement and storytelling to key performance metrics and skill-building, professionals from all over the world learned how to keep pushing the envelope on defining their role in the workplace. By the end of the week, Communications Week attendees learned from global prominent experts on the ways PR, marketing and media industries can truly prove the value of their work.

About the Author: Kite Hill is led by founder and CEO Tiffany Guarnaccia. Recognized as one of PR News’ Women to Watch in public relations and one of DMN’s Marketing Hall of Femme honorees, Tiffany has a passion for communications. She is also the founder of Communications Week, the first industry week dedicated to serving those in, and interested in, the PR, media and communications industry. Previously, Tiffany was the head of communications for The Huffington Post. Earlier in her career, Tiffany held in-house positions at eMusic and LimeWire, as spokesperson during the historic Arista Records v. LimeWire case. She started her career as a publicist for numerous online ad companies.