Communicating Corporate Values



Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Consumers are more than happy to support brands and corporations that share their own values, and professionals enjoy working for companies that share their own core values. These two are among many reasons why companies should effectively communicate their values to potential hires and consumers. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways that companies can demonstrate and share their core values that are both authentic and believable so that the public can take note of what a brand stands for. 

As Alexei Orlov of MTM notes, “A core element of a company’s corporate values is defining the reason why the company exists in the first place – it’s purpose. Plenty of times, people are interested in companies that strive for positive changes, those who have the courage to stand up for important issues to them and their communities.” 

The situation or opportunity doesn’t matter. As long as the company is behaving according to its core values and principles, the public is going to trust the company a lot more. Being consistent demonstrates predictability and creates preference with the consumers. Since values are difficult to deviate from, and they’re not situational, as soon as people realize there is a pattern of good behavior with a certain company, they will understand the company’s values. 

The key element in effectively communicating a brand’s corporate values is having those values reflected in the actions that the brand is taking every single day, the priorities it’s focusing on, and the decisions that are made, especially at the top leadership levels. That way, the consumers and all the stakeholders can really trust the brand and what it stands for. 

Another way to demonstrate a company’s core values is to publicly share stories either about employees or other stakeholders that embody the corporate values. This way, companies can capture the impact of their own values by showcasing how someone connected to the company itself shares the same values and communicates them successfully. 

The brand’s story is a collective narrative of facts and emotions that the company evokes to drive impact and connection with the clients. When a corporation shares the history behind it, the reason why the company exists in the first place, who it is for, and why all of that information matters, it easily boosts consumer loyalty. 

This can be demonstrated through a strong mission statement that’s presented to the public, describing what the company stands for and why those values, in particular, are so important to the company’s ideas of success. When the company truly stands and lives by its own mission statement, it can be echoed through all its actions, decisions, as well as statements from its own customers or employees, which can only further illustrate the company’s core beliefs and values. 

Finally, the last element when it comes to communicating corporate values for companies is testing and taking note of how the public responds to each story the company shares, and then adjusting details according to those responses. It’s important to focus on the facts that people tend to pick up on the most, and really perfect those, and then use them to shape the image of the brand or corporation.

RONN TOROSSIAN - HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO YOU NEED ON INSTAGRAM TO GET PAID?About the Author Ronn Torossian is CEO Of leading PR firm 5wpr.