CommPROs Take a Deep Dive into #SuperBowl50

By Nicole Giovia,

Big Game Advertising & MarketingThis year’s #SuperBowl50 was not without interesting stories both on and off the field.  From a game that went differently than most thought it would, to a star-studded half-time show, to a seemingly lackluster array of ads, Super Bowl 50 was full of surprises.

Throughout the week, members of the CommPRO community are sharing their insight and expertise regarding the marketing and advertising highs and lows of the Big Game.  We encourage you to share your views in the comments section below.

Themes Coming Out of #SuperBowl50 Advertising

By Jim Joseph, Chief Integrated Marketing Officer and President of the Americas, Cohn & Wolfe

I held my annual Twitter party #SuperBowlExp during the Super Bowl again this year…not to sweat out the game but to comment on all of the brand activity. We collectively rate the advertising and evaluate the marketing, and then take breaks when the game is actually in play!

#SuperBowl50 Ads: What Worked and What Didn’t

By Bill Cochran, AAF Dallas Member & Creative Director, Richards Group

Here’s what worked at #SuperBowl50…

QB Peyton Manning: This Bud’s For Me!

By Peter Himler, Founding Principal, Flatiron Communications, LLC, @peterhimler

As branded sports sponsorship goes, there is no more powerful spotlight than an overt plug during the Super Bowl telecast. And Sunday night, the plugged brand’s marketing team no doubt convulsed with tears of joy when the game’s winning quarterback Peyton Manning delivered it organically to an audience of more than a billion viewers.

Pre-Game Campaigns Can Help Score Touchdowns for Marketers

For the Strategic Video Communications Channel

You don’t need a five million dollar commercial budget to create Super Bowl buzz. Smart marketers need to leverage the pre-game buzz of the game to amplify their campaign’s message. There is no better starting point than the spokesperson you pick and how their authenticity cuts through all the media clutter.

The Big Game: Is Good Really the Enemy of Great?

By Mark DiMassimo, CEO, DiMassimo Goldstein

They say good is the enemy of great. I’m not sure it is. The absolute best spots of Super Bowl 50 Sunday night were insanely great, like the Choir of Super Bowl babies.

The Big Game: A Tale of Underwhelming QBs and Ad Spots

By Shalee Hanson, Marketing  & Business Development Coordinator, PadillaCRT

Super Bowl 50, a tale of two defenses. If you weren’t watching to see Peyton Manning’s last rodeo, or Cam Newton’s dance moves, and you weren’t a fan of either team, you were likely there to watch what we refer to in the communications industry as the Ad Bowl.