Comey vs. RNC vs. DNC: And The Winner Is…

Comey vs. RNC vs. DNC-And The Winner Is - Andy CurryAndy Curry

As James Comey’s book tour opens and the media highlights the parts creating the most controversy, both the RNC and DNC will be ready to refute what could damage their side and amplify what will help their cause.

It’s no secret the President’s allies will fight back against Comey’s claims.  They will want to ignite the Democratic complaints about him before he was fired.   The RNC will be overseeing a plan, ok’d by the White House, that will strengthen the moniker given to Comey that will go down in history as “Lyin’ Comey”.

Comey vs. RNC vs. DNC-And The Winner IsThe GOP plans a digital ad campaign showing many Democrats demanding Comey’s resignation after he single-handedly helped Hillary Clinton look like an untrustworthy candidate.  Fortunately for the GOP,  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters didn’t have the foresight to consider their comments that are on video during the election.  During the election, they tried saving their party by claiming Comey had no credibility.   You can bet the GOP will use their words against them; and coming from the Democratic leaders it will be effective in refuting Comey’s arguments.

Through Comey’s twitter responses over time, it’s clear he has a vendetta he wants to win.  Thus, his book will likely point out every negative thing he could think of, and perhaps make up, to sling mud.  Naturally the Democrats will seize the opportunity to magnify all the negatives towards President Trump and the Republican party.     The Democrats could encourage the damage to the Republicans with a well-organized twitter campaign bolstering everything that would make them look good and the GOP look bad.  Add media appearances by making them available for radio and TV and you have a tsunami that will flood into the GOP camp that must be dealt with.

So the GOP will want to do the same.  They will likely highlight why the Democrats hated Comey and point out his contradictions.   During all the Comey mess, President Trump pointed out that Comey leaked information that he should not have.   The GOP can thwart the damage by doing information-coordination in interviews with the press, tweeting his lack of credibility using Comey’s most egregious mistakes and emailing the base with the same information.

One of hurdles the RNC will have to fight is Comey doing interviews on CNN that starts soon.  CNN is a known anti-Trump media and their viewers feel the same.  Americans know how Trump feels about CNN and he does a surprisingly good job at discrediting them.  Thus, once Comey’s initial statements are made known, President Trump will want do the voodoo he does so well on Twitter.   Plus, President Trump is a magnet for publicity so anything he says will be published and republished.  Carefully thought out, the President will be able to block much of the negative publicity on his own.

After the smoke clears, both sides will have shot all the barbs they have at each other.   The Comey thing will settle down fairly soon and lose its media appeal.  Comey will continue his tour and the press will lose interest.  Comey will wind up the big winner as this will make him millions of dollars although the journey through it will have its pains from all the controversies.


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