CocoTaps Acquires Robotic Beverage Technologies to Tap Coconuts and Help Combat Covid-19 for Health & Safety


CommPRO Editorial Staff

CocoVinny Zaldivar, CEO and Chief Coconut at CocoTaps LLC, announced today the acquisition of Robotic Beverage Technologies Inc (ROBO BEV) to accelerate the development of the Coco Tapomatic product launching late 2020. “After seeing all the hardware and software development from ROBO BEV’s team of engineers it was a no-brainer to ask them to become a part of the CocoTaps team. It’s great to see all the synergy and passion between the two teams. Everyone has a deeply innate CocoCulture to help both people and the planet. We’re so excited about all the CocoRobotics innovations that we will be bringing to market soon”, said CocoVinny.

“After observing the vision and experiencing the CocoLove culture while working with the CocoTaps team for two months, it was clear that both companies had a lot in common; from environmental sustainability to a passion for merging robots and humans. Combining forces Captain Planet style seemed like the best way to bring more joy into the world, and create a safer way to distribute coconuts during this world-changing COVID-19 event.”, said Blaze Sanders, CTO of ROBO BEV.

The five core objectives of the CocoTaps Tapomatic products are:

● Use open source robotic technology to deliver fresh coconuts with the lowest overall environmental impact.

● Reduce hand to hand contact between people, while increasing sanitization via an auto self-cleaning kiosk.

● Give small businesses the ability to franchise/sell products 24/7/365 with lower overall employee overhead.

● Allow employees to focus on human communication and all the small things that matter to repeat business.

● Promote STEM in middle school girls, by donating a portion of all profits to FIRST Robotics & Miracle Flights.

Early access territory discounts are available at

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