Coach’s Corner – The Pilgrims Planted Seeds, Too

Coach's Corner – The Pilgrims Planted Seeds, Too

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

J.D. “Jim” Fox, Head Coach, Next Act Coaching

Maybe your office is the exception that proves the rule, but here’s the way this holiday week will go for most:

First off, many are already out the door, and others will slowly disappear over the next two days. The real masochists are the ones who bring packed luggage to work, and schlep to the airport from there.

By mid-afternoon Wednesday, crickets.

Everyone will be “home” on Thursday, and some will stagger back on Friday.

This coach sees slack this week, and that’s seed planting time.  So, a few things to start thinking about (just three, the magic number for human memory recall):

Number one: what are your strengths? Not what you present in an interview when trying to impress someone with what you think they want to hear, but the REAL ones. What are you good at? What do you like to do?

Number two: name your top goals, especially the ones in the back of your head that never come out. In a perfect world, what would you like to do over the next few years, at work but more broadly in your whole life? Just the goals for now, not the money stuff (unless money is truly a goal all by itself).

Number three: what are your “tolerations” — what do you put up with that impedes your growth as a person? Tolerations can include difficult people; difficult situations; whatever. Probably things you’ve gotten used to and have given up trying to change.

That’s it. Three seeds. Strengths, goals and tolerations. If you have time and space — and I’m betting you will while you’re at an airport or in traffic or digesting turkey — allow your brain to start processing.

You know where this is going — a Plan for 2018. Based on your strengths, goals, and thoughts on how to get past whatever gets you stuck.

For now, just focus on the seeds. We’ll pick this up after the holiday.  Go eat.  And dream.