Cleaning Companies: Using Infographics to Communicate During the Pandemic

Cleaning Companies-Using Infographics to Communicate During the Pandemic


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

With the USA reporting a steep rise in new Coronavirus infections, cleaning products have been flying off shelves as people stocked-up their homes. As news of stores running out of disinfectants like chlorine wipes and hand sanitizing gels spread, many households have to resort to alternatives. As health practitioners continue to emphasize the importance of disinfecting homes and offices, more consumers seek effective ways to do just that. They have to do it regardless of the current shortage. 

In the context of the new Coronavirus crisis, cleaning companies have a role to play in marketing alternative products that consumers can use and cleaning procedures that can help flatten the curve in the ongoing pandemic. That said, this article elaborates on how cleaning companies can employ infographics to build trust and communicate with current and prospective clients.

What’s an Infographic? 

Infographics are visual representations of important data, presented in a more engaging format. Noting that infographics are more engaging than written copy, they summarize key facts while informing users of the relevant narrative. 

Regarding cleaning companies during the new Coronavirus crisis, for instance, an effective infographic can feature alternative disinfectants and their effectiveness in killing the virus. Not only would such an infographic engage consumers, but it would also be effective in downplaying the perception that only a few products are effective sanitizers. 

Key Benefits That Companies Can Draw from Infographics

 1. Viral Marketing

With infographics being tailor-made for social media, cleaning companies can get their information shared by tens-of-thousands in a few hours. In the context of the new Coronavirus pandemic, cleaning companies can increase their brand’s visibility by sharing factual information via well-designed infographics.

At the same time, they can use infographics to share factual information on COVID-19. With cleaning companies being conversant with sanitation guidelines, effective cleaning services, and being in contact with local governments, they can build trust by sharing accurate data via infographics. This can enhance their reach in previously untapped markets while educating the population. 

2. Brand awareness

With infographics, cleaning brands can position themselves as market leaders. In light of the effects of COVID-19 in the cleaning industry, cleaning brands can use infographics to position their products and services as market leaders. Thanks to unmet demand for disinfectants, less popular brands can use viral infographics to reach more clients. That will permit them to secure market shares in target regions. 

What strategies can be used to promote infographics?

Cleaning companies can employ several strategies to promote their infographic, thus enhance communication during the new Coronavirus pandemic. These are as follows: 

1. Social Media

With social media, cleaning companies can distribute infographics to boost engagement with their brands. Noting that the majority of the consumers will be doing online research during  lockdowns, cleaning companies that share relevant information can reach thousands of them, enhancing their brand’s reputation. When posting on Twitter, using relevant hashtags will boost engagement. 

Cleaning companies can post infographics to Instagram in sections. Due to dimension-related restrictions, there is also the possibility of featuring Instagram-targeted infographics in a short video. This would further enhance engagement and promote brand awareness. 

2. Email 

Cleaning companies can also send links to their infographics to their mailing list. With 1$ of email ad spent giving an average return of 42$, cleaning companies can rely on this cost-effective approach to reach their clients with reassuring and insightful infographics on trends of the new Coronavirus spread. This would further enhance a brand’s trust among consumers. 

To sum up, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning companies can incorporate infographics in their marketing strategy to sustain revenues and enhance brand reputation.

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