Checklist: International Press Release Distribution Made Easy


International Press Release Distribution Made Easy - Checklist

Reaching new audiences is a constant challenge for most brands. And with so many promotion options across social, paid, earned, and owned media, a multi-channel strategy is the only way to successfully connect with today’s influencers and customers.

But are you missing out by limiting your geographic influence?

Expanding your message’s reach beyond your home country’s borders has the potential to unlock a treasure trove of new audiences and future brand enthusiasts.

When preparing your press release and content distribution strategy for a multinational audience, there are many questions that need answering.

To alleviate any last-minute worries, check out our international distribution checklist, then keep reading for an in-depth breakdown of each tip.

International Press Release Distribution Made Easy - Chart

What is your press release’s purpose?

Before planning anything else, consider the big picture. Brands publish press releases to announce information, share their point of view, and inspire journalists, customers, investors and other audiences to take action.

However, your audience is busy (just like you and me!).  They aren’t wanting for content; in fact, it’s usually quite the opposite.

All around the world, content consumers are bombarded with ads, shared stories, social posts, and more. To make sure your content doesn’t become white noise, you need to deliver a relevant message in the most user-friendly way possible.

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