New Job, More Money? 4 Items To Watch For


Dream JobNew job, more money.  At least that is what you expect.   But it doesn’t always work that way.   Unless you are careful,  you can lose money with your new job. There are a lot of reasons to take a new job – the opportunity to learn,  try a new industry or do something completely different.  You may be prepared to take a pay cut to accomplish this.  Whether a job switch or a completely new gig, be careful it doesn’t cost you more than you think.  Watch these items:

1.  Vacation/PTO days –  Vacation and paid time off days are valuable in dollars and for your mental health.  Make sure you are not giving them up.  If you do not become eligible for paid time off immediately, make sure you allow for a bout of the flu in your budgeting.

2.  Health Coverage –  Healthcare coverage is getting more expensive.  The amount your employer pays usually covers a big portion of the cost.  Make sure you understand the new healthcare coverage you will be getting – what the cost to you will be, what it covers and what your annual out-of-pockets costs could be.

3.  Bonus/Commission – Not all employers offer a bonus or commission for new business.  If you are currently getting these, make sure your new employer’s plan is comparable or better.

4.  401K Plans –  These plans differ greatly and you could end up losing a lot of money.  Check the investment options as well as the fees charged.  How much does the company match?  Thinking about retirement plans early can make a huge difference later on.

Receiving a big increase upfront, doesn’t always add up.




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